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April 22, 20220

Car Accidents in Michigan

Motor vehicle crashes account for more than 3 million non-fatal injuries in the United States. With the high cost of treatment and lifestyle changes triggered by the injury, most accident victims end up in financial stress or even commit suicide. To avoid the devastating effects of road crashes, you need to understand the most common types of road accidents and their causes to avoid them. This article discusses the 5 common types of car accidents and the legal remedies available when involved in a car crash. Check them out.

Single-Vehicle Car Accidents in Michigan

Single-vehicle crashes are most frequent among teen drivers. In most instances, these types of accidents include hitting a stationary object, running off the road, and slipping on mud or ice. The leading causes of these accidents include reckless driving due to negligence or lack of experience. To minimize these accidents, drivers need to drive at manageable speeds to safely avoid obstacles, or stop the car in case of emergency. Driving responsibly will make things easy for you and your auto accident attorney when following a claim for compensation by your insurer.

Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collision is caused by road users’ negligence in keeping a safe distance between their car and the front vehicle. If you follow too closely behind the car in front of you, you may end up rear-ending the preceding car especially if it stops abruptly due to an emergency. Rear-end collision is also caused by drivers who are not keen on maintaining their car brakes.
Though not too disastrous, the crash’s impact may subject the drivers to serious neck, back, or head injuries. The best prevention measures include:

  • Maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front
  • Conducting regular inspection and repair of the car brakes

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions happen when two cars collide head-on. It may be caused by drunk driving, defective vehicles, or even negligent driving. The effects of head-on collisions are usually devastating as the victims can end up sustaining serious injuries, incapacitation, or even succumb to death. However, the incidences of head-on collisions are common in areas with poor road networks. Some of the control measures that can help to reduce the incidences of head-on collision include:

Governments to put more strict policies to govern the road users
Governments to develop their road networks to avoid two-way traffic
Road users to drive more responsibly

T-Bone Or Cross-Traffic Accidents

These are car collisions that happen at traffic intersections. They mostly happen when a driver crosses a red light, takes a turn, or passes a stop sign without yielding to the other road users. In essence, a significant percentage of T-bone crashes result from driver negligence. Drivers can thus avoid accidents by simply obeying the traffic signs. History of Car Accidents in Michigan.
Unfortunately, not every road user is loyal to the traffic signs. The best way to avoid being a victim of another road user is to be extra careful when driving at traffic intersections.

Low-Speed Crashes

Though low-speed accidents may not be the worst, they still can result in notable damages. These types of accidents may happen when one accidentally hits another vehicle on a road bump, pedestrian crossing, parking lots, and residential areas. To avoid them, you need to drop all distracting factors and concentrate on your driving.
Before reversing a vehicle, ensure that the road is clear and then use the rearview mirrors to observe the road’s status. Also, ensure that the road is clear before driving past pedestrian crossing zones. Avoid calls and engaging conversations at all means when driving. Adhering to the above steps will guarantee you a safe arrival at your destination.

But Remember!

Despite the various measures discussed above, we may not entirely avoid road accidents. They will continue happening as long as our roads are full of active users. In most instances, some accident victims sustain permanent injuries or even die and fail to be compensated for the loss. If you are one of such, you need a Michigan auto accident attorney to help you in filing a compensation claim.

Besides filing the case, a good personal accident lawyer will guide you throughout the court process and represent you in court proceedings to complete the claim. They will also advise you on the most viable option in case the defendant pleads for settlement of the claim without going to court. Speak with a Michigan Car Accident Lawyer at

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